Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bethany Pictures


CoxFamily said...

Oh! She looks so good! We will be down there tomorrow for a neurologist appt for Jared at 4:00so we will stop by and see you guys afterwards if that is ok.

Brooke said...

That last picture of her grinning is the cutest thing ever! I cannot believe how well she is recovering. What a little trooper! I hope she continues to get better every day.


Hailey is in the 4th grade this year. I can't believe how big she is getting. She is really into science stuff. She loves anything about the universe and planets. She loves to experiment and figure things out. Hailey is a wonderful big sister. She loves helping out and taking care of her little sister. She can make her sister laugh more than anyone and is VERY protective. We are so proud of her.


Bethany just turned 2. She is a sassy little girl but I wouldnt have it any other way She is a tough girl. She loves her big sister so much. She loves to play with her and they have a lot of fun together. She is into Curious George and Super Why. She can count to 14 and say her ABC's. She eats EVERYTHING! You would never know this kid had to have heart surgery!