Thursday, March 25, 2010

Coming of Age......bummer

So as I look back to when I was 10-11 yrs old I remember having a couple of really good friends. I considered my BEST friends (now-a-days its called BFF). I had other friends too that I would talk to or play with at recess but mostly just a couple of us that were always together. I have since lost touch with most of them. I just recently found my bestest friend from that time on Facebook. Funny thing is we have a TON in common even now...some good, some not so good. Anyway, when we were younger things happen, things get said, or maybe we just evolve and grow apart. I have noticed, with my experience and now watching my oldest daughter, that it is mostly because girls are just plain mean. I remember girls I grew up with and I still hold some resentment because I know I did nothing to make them treat me the way they did. It was just fun for them. Now I watch my oldest go through the same thing. She is far from perfect...boy do I know this first hand. What I can tell you is that she has such a big heart and it kills her if she hurts someones feelings. You could call her names and beat her up but she will not retaliate. She willnot stoop to that level. She is always thinking of others and what she can do to make them happy. This includes her friends, even if they are playing a game she doesnt like or make fun of her for doing something they think is silly. She stays true to herself and for that I am VERY PROUD of her. I watch her outside playing and most the time she looks like she is having 10yr old should. But it breaks my heart when I see the kids avoiding her and playing mean tricks on her. Telling her if she wants to play with them she needs to put mud on her face. Really, put mud on her face??? I know when she get older she will love it (facials) but for now to play with these "friends" she needs to put mud on her face??? Or when she asks one if she can play she says "no" then she goes to the next girl and she says "no". Five minutes later they are both out playing so Hailey will run out there to play and they will run from her and hide. Then of course Hailey is crying because she has no idea they are being this way. I told her girls are just mean. Then, because she is frickin smart, she says I am a girl and I'm not mean. These are the same girls who a year ago told her dance was stupid and for weak people and not atheltic. So after that she didnt want to do dance anymore. She was good too. I am amazed that girls are still so very mean. I am just going to have to figure out some super fun stuff to do with her during these mean episodes so she can cope.....Girls are wonder why MOST of my friends in H.S. were not girls!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Heart Update....

Ok, so on Friday we went to Primary Chldren's for Bethany's one yr check up for her heart. She had to be sedated so they could do all the testing. now, if you know Bethany you will know how VERY stubborn she can be (not sure where she gets that from....Anyway, she was super brave and cried a little while they put the IV in but was great after. They put the first dose of meds in for her sedation and she got loopy....she kept trying to say momma but more like eyes glazed over and we laid her down. She freaked and started yelling at us "no, no, no" so they gave her more meds. So you understand, she needs to be completely still for this test. They are looking at her heart to make sure all the repairs are holding up and the heart is doing what it is supposed to do. If she isnt still it takes longer. Normally they will give her the meds in tiny intervals to keep her out longer but not this time. She wasn't having any of it. They maxed her out on her sedation within the first 10 minutes! When the test was over we went up to recovery so she could have a popcicle and juice. If she can keep this down we get to leave....again not happening. Because they had to give her all the meds at once she got super sick. She ended up throwing up on Tyson twice. They both fell asleep in the rocking chair. She was out for a few hours. Dr. Arrington (her cardiologist) came up to see us. Again, he made me cry. This time is was great news (getting teary eyed typing). He said she looked great. All the repairs are holding up and her heart is working the way it should be. He thought she would have her pacemaker by now and is very surprised at her health and the fact she wouldn't take the sedation. We only have to go back yearly now! We are so happy and cant believe after all the crap she has had to go through she is doing so well. There is nothing holding this little girl back. She was so brave! I am so proud of her.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

BOY or GIRL......Aug. 5th.....

Ok so most of you already know we are expecting baby #3. I am at 18 weeks and we got to find out on Monday what we get this time. Honestly we dont care as long as he/she is healthy. Wow, so many parents say that and it sounds cliche but we totally know what that means. We just dont want anymore heart surgeries. Anyway, we went in and had an ultrasound and they took some of my blood to test for downs syndrome. My Dr. asks us if we want to find out and we both said YES! So she shows us the heart, head, arms, hands, and all 3 "legs" ....yep we finally get our boy! Tyson is happy but keeping it in a little bit. Hailey is super excited and Bethany doesnt quite get it yet but she comes up to my belly and says "my brother" So now the hard part...we need to agree on a name!


Hailey is in the 4th grade this year. I can't believe how big she is getting. She is really into science stuff. She loves anything about the universe and planets. She loves to experiment and figure things out. Hailey is a wonderful big sister. She loves helping out and taking care of her little sister. She can make her sister laugh more than anyone and is VERY protective. We are so proud of her.


Bethany just turned 2. She is a sassy little girl but I wouldnt have it any other way She is a tough girl. She loves her big sister so much. She loves to play with her and they have a lot of fun together. She is into Curious George and Super Why. She can count to 14 and say her ABC's. She eats EVERYTHING! You would never know this kid had to have heart surgery!