Tuesday, November 24, 2009

All of us....

So, the yr is almost over. I cant believe how fast it has all gone by. There have been good times, sad times, scary times, and sick times! You ould never know Bethany had heart surgery. She is a normall 2 yr old (almost). She can count to 14 and knows a couple colors. She talks jus tlike her older sister....A LOT!!!! She loves the song Somewhere Over the Rainbow and can sing it word for word. She isgetting so big!
Hailey is in the 4th grade. She is loving science. If it has anything to do with space she wants to learn more. She is liking reading more and more. She didnt for a while but I make her read for 30 minutes before bed and now she asks to keep going. That makes me happy. She won $58.00 in he money machine at school. She spent it all on her sister for Christmas. What a wonderful big sister with an even bigger heart! She didnt want to do dance this yr but she wants to learn how to play the guitar.
Hopefully soon there will be more to talk about but for ow this is it.
Hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Starting Over

Well, this yr has had its ups and downs. Mostly downs but I have a feeling it is going to end on the up and be great. Of course it started with Bethany's surgery...a very scary time for all of us. She did great and was home 6 days later. Hailey had 4 dance competitios and got first or second place in all of them...she did great as well. She continued to get straight A's all year annd is now going into the 4TH GRADE!!! Yep, I am old. Me and Ty have had our ups and downs, and ups and downs, and ups and downs. Even though we are separated we love each other very much. We are working on ourselves and our marriage. We both are determined to make it work and stay together forever. It is a 50/50 thing and we both are trying very hard. I thank everyone who has been with me and supported me through this past yr. no matter what happens here on out I know it will end a million times better than it started. Love, Tyson, Heather, Hailey, and Bethany!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Oh boy....

Well, this past week has been hell. Hailey had the flu then kindly passed it to me...thank you. Tyson took Bethany to his mom's so she wouldn' get sick too. Hailey has a dance competition tomorrow...this one is close to home so hopefully it wont be an all day event!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Ok, so it is almost spring...woo hoo! We are all good. Tyson has been working really hard this past winter. He goes in early and works late most nights. On the weekends he has been able to go snow mobiling with his dad and let off some steam that way. He loves snow mobiling.
Hailey is starting competition season. We are going to be really busy the nexy few months. Our Saturdays are going to be spent with a lot of little girls!!! She has competitions on the 21st and 28th of this month and will perform at the Utah Jazz game on the 30th. She has other competitions in April and May. We will keep you informed on how well her team does...hopefully with videos too!
Bethany...oh my! She is getting so big so fast! She has the run of the house. She has been gaining weight like the little piggy she is! She says Bless You, Thank you, daddy and Hehe. (that is Hailey in Bethany talk!) She trys to brush her hair...forward! She loves to play with the hangers while we do laundry. She will pull them out of the basket and put the back in then clap because she cleaned up! Silly girl.

Friday, February 6, 2009


So tonight the kids are going with mema and grandpa and Tyson and I are going out. We are celebrating our 2nd anniversary. It was Jan. 27th but we are going to go see Jeff Foxworthy. I think it will be fun. It is always nice to get out just the 2 of us for just a little while. Date nights are always fun. Nice steak dinner and a show!!! wahoo! Can't believe it has been 2 yrs. Sometimes it doesn't seen that long and other times it seems so much longer. We have been through a lot in the past 2 yrs and I am lucky to have him next to me through all the craziness...him on the other hand...poor guy, I just add to his craziness. Us damn women and our emotions. I think I will keep him though. So ladies BACK OFF!!! JK.... but really!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


I just got some wonderful news today....we some some little heart friends while at Primary Childrens with Bethany. Bridger and Ben. They both have been there for a very long time and now Bridger is going home for a while. He hasn't been home in over 10 weeks. Ben on the other hand is still there and was put on the heart transplant list 2 days ago. This morning they found out he has a new heart and goes in for surgery today at 4. Please please pray for these tough little guys.

Monday, January 26, 2009

READ ME.....

Whoever reads this...please please say a prayer for another heart family. We met them during our stay in PICU. Pray for their son Ben who is having a rough time right now and pray for his family who may have a tough decision to make soon in the future. Ben is 10 months old and has been in the PICU and Primary Childrens his entire (although short) life. Also, please pray for our other heart friend Bridger. He has also been in PICU for a very long time and is doing his best to stay stong. Thank you.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Whats new....

Well, not much. Bethany is doing great. Some of the medical tape has come off and the scar is not nearly as bad as I imagined it would be. I honestly believe as she gets older it will be harder to see. We are all getting frustrated with the oxygen tube though. We will make it through. We made a couple of friends at the hospital who have a child there for heart problems much worse than Bethany's. They have spent their whole short lives there. Please keep them in your prayers. Ben and Bridger are tough little guys and their moms are tougher!
Hailey is starting competition season for dance. FYI------she will be dancing at half time at the Jazz game March 30th against the New York Knicks. We won't have to drive so far this year for competitions. Most of them are right here around us. WOO HOO!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


We got home yesterday but we were so exhausted I didn't blog...sorry. She is doing Great and playing like nothing ever happened! She has to be hooked up to oxygen for 6 weeks but that is it. We go back for a follow up on the 28th. She gets tired fast but that will go away soon i am sure. Thanks for all your prayers!

Sunday, January 11, 2009


SHE IS OUT OF PICU!!!!! WOO HOO. We are in a normal room now. She is disconnected from everything except oxygen. She is playing and standing up in her crib walking around the thing and trying desparately to get out. We get to stay in the hospital with her now on a really small couch/bed thing but at least we are here with her. The Dr's are saying we may be able to o home tomorrow if all is well. CRAZY! Not even a week after major heart surgery and they are talking about going home! We will keep up the updating.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Not much has changed since yesterday. She is becoming more and more Bethany again and more and more frustrated. She is hating being hooked up to everything and doesn't understand what is going on. She is eating and drinking more. Of course she is the loudest one there happy or mad! You can tell from the pictures below, she is having a good time with some of her favorite toys from home. We want to thank you all for your concern and prayers. And to our wonderful neighbors...thanks for the snacks, they are perfect!!!

Bethany Pictures

Friday, January 9, 2009


Bethany is doing very well. She is going to be in PICU until Monday. The only reason she is still there is because of some of the medicine she is on but other than that she is great. It i getting harder and harder to believe she actually had open heart surgery. She is eating better than she ever has. Trying to do things she was doing before the surgery but we have to keep her calm. The best hing today was we finally got to hold her today!!! She loved it. she just kept looking at us and giving us the look like FINALLY YOU JERKS! Grandmas were happy to get to hold her too. We have been so lucky to have the nurses and Dr.s that we have had. They have been GREAT, WONDERFUL, AMAZING!!!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Man are we tired. We still haven't been able to hold her yet but probably tomorrow. Today they took out the chest tube, 3 of the 4 IVs, and did an echo cardiogram. They ended up putting in an iv again though. The echo showed her heart is still enlarged because it is trying to learn how to work the new way. It is so used to working the old way that it will take some time for it to adjust. She is doing really well and should be able to move out of the PICU tomorrow. We are hoping.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wednesday Update

When we saw Bethany this morning she was looking good. They had taken her off oxygen and her levels were great...better than before! Later on they took her off the temporaory pacemaker and removed the catheder because she was drinking and figured she would pee on her own. After they took her off the pace maker she started to lose coloring and turing pale again so they put her back on and she is doing great. She hadn't pee'd for hours so they put the catheder back in. Because she is still being paced they will not let her move out of PICU. Other than all of that she is doing really well. She has been slightly active by waving a little bit(only because I think she is hallucinating). She still gets mad at us because wewon't pick her up.....we can't yet and that is the hardest part for now.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bethany Update....

The surgery went very well. Everything is in the correct place and blood flow is going the way it needs to go. The yput in the pacemaker leads for later on when she needs the pace maker. We got to see her for just a minute but she looked good. She was pretty pissed because we couldn't pick her up yet though. I think we were most relieved when they told us she was off the machine and her heart was doing what it is supposed to be doing. We will kepp the updating. Thank you for the prayers!

Monday, January 5, 2009


Ok, we found out today she will have the lead put into her for a pace maker but she will end up having a pacemaker put in eventually. We will go in at 7am tomorrow to start and they say it will take all morning. When they are all done she will be in PICU and we will be able to visit her. The nurse will be checking in with us every hour to give us updates. We will do our best to keep posting on here.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Jan. 2, 2009

Ok, so it is almost upon us but first let me tell you about the Holidays......

Bethany turned 1 on the 19th! WOO HOO! I can't belive she is getting so big. She had a Nemo Party and we had a house full of people. She wouldn't eat the cak ethough...I think she was getting too tired but she just wanted to walk all over the place. Santa showed up and gave everyone a present.

Christmas was a blast. Tyson video taped the action while i tried to help Bethany open gifts. She wasn't really interested in them. Hailey got everything she wanted...Hannah Montana, Littlest Pet Shop, DS and WII games. SPOILED!!! We ate breakfast with the whole family. Again, we had a house full. It is so worth it though.

Ok, so Tyson and Bethany have have been very sick lately. They are getting better but it couldn't be worse timing. My belly has been hurting but I think mine is just stress and nerves. We are just a few days away. We will try to keep you updated on this blog on how things are going.


Hailey is in the 4th grade this year. I can't believe how big she is getting. She is really into science stuff. She loves anything about the universe and planets. She loves to experiment and figure things out. Hailey is a wonderful big sister. She loves helping out and taking care of her little sister. She can make her sister laugh more than anyone and is VERY protective. We are so proud of her.


Bethany just turned 2. She is a sassy little girl but I wouldnt have it any other way She is a tough girl. She loves her big sister so much. She loves to play with her and they have a lot of fun together. She is into Curious George and Super Why. She can count to 14 and say her ABC's. She eats EVERYTHING! You would never know this kid had to have heart surgery!