Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Next Week

So next week is a very busy week! On the 16th we have Haileys acting debut at her school. She is playing the Moon in the school play about the solar system. She even gets to sing. Now if you know Hailey, you will know this is the dream role...the role of a lifetime! ACT and SING!
Next we have Haileys Christmas Dance Concert at Northridge High School on the 18th (this is also mom's 50th birthday). So first she gets to act and sing and now she gets to DANCE! She has the Trifecta!!! Now that is talent folks! All of this is free entertainment to the public so come and enjoy.
Then on the 19th we have a very important day....Bethany's first birthday! I can't believe she is one! She is getting so big so fast. We are having Nemo parting because she loves fish! She just stares and laughs at them!
Then we finally get to celebrate mom's b-day on saturday. BUSY BUSY BUSY!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bethany Update....again....

Ok, so we found out when her surgery will be...January 6, 2009. We have to go in on the 5th for blood work, urine test and a chest xray. She will be in surgery for about 5 hrs and in the hospital for at least 2 weeks. We will keep updating as we get more info.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Bethany update...
Bethany had a cardiologist appointment yesterday. This was just a three month check up to see how things are going. They did a sedated echocardiogram. When we got to talk to Dr. Arrington he told us that the blood pressure in her lungs is high and her weight is low so he wanted to talk to the head surgeon to see what he thinks about doing the surery now or wait until she gains more weight. He called us later that night and said they both agree that it needs to be done now. Dr. Arringon put in the order to do the surgery within the next month. We should get a phone call next week to let us know when they are going to do it. We are hoping to do it after her first birthday. If possible the week after Christmas. We want her first birthday to be at home with her family. We will keep you all posted on what is going on.

Friday, November 7, 2008


So far November is good. Halloween was fun the girls had a good time. Bethany fell asleep but I am guessing she didn't care much either! Hailey first went trunk or treating with her friend Emily(devil) then I took the two of them around the neighborhood. We came back and I dropped them off to Emilys dad and he took them out for a while until the rain came down.
Tysons sisters came up here from Mesquite. The girls just love them and Uncle Max. They stayed with us for a few days and we all hung out. We had a lot of fun playing the WII fit! Uncle Max, you are not obese! Not even close! Just like Tyson is not overweight. You guys are welcome here anytime!

Uncle Max, Hailey, Aunt Amberlynn
Bethany has her next cardiology checkup on the 25th of this month. This is a big one. She will be sedated and they will be doing an ultrasound, x-ray, and MRI at this one. They will be checking all the organs and making sure the heart is behaving! Last time they were a little concerend about her liver because they saw it too was enlarged so we will see...keep your fingers crossed!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Wow I am horrible at this. This has been a busy month.
Lets start with Bethany. She is getting around very quickly now days. She makes a run for the stair if we leave the gate open and loves to hit the tv. Daddy doesnt like that so much. She is walking around stuff and pushes around her little car but won't walk on her own yet. She is loving cheerios and little yogurt bites. Poor baby has had 2 ear infections and is going to see an ENT. It is the same guy that took Haileys tonsil out this past summer. She goes back to the cardiologist next month. She is doing really well.
Hailey is doing great. Still dancing although she says she is getting tired off it but I told her she is on a team and can't really quit the team until the end of the season. I think she just wants to play outside more but when she does her winter concert she will love being center of attention and this will all go away. She is also one of the stars of her school play. Well maybe not a star...more like the moon. She is so excited for this. Her play is 2 days before her winter dance concert. She has also had an ear infection. She called me from school and told me her ear hurt about a week after Bethanys 2nd ear infection. Kids...ya gotta love em!
Tyson got his own route at Fed Ex. This is his most favorite route. He gets to drive to Evanston, Wy now instead of EVERYWHERE! He likes it up there especially during the summer because it is so much cooler there than it is here. He also was sick. At the same time Bethany got her 2nd ear infection and Hailey had hers, he got a sinus infection.
I am good. I got sick as well. Not sure what it was but I too was on an antibiotic! I also have high blood pressure. Who knows why. I am wierd like that. Work is good.
I will post pics of halloween soon!

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Ok, so September is almost over and I am not doing any better on this thing! Not much has happened this month. I started a new job on the 15th. I now work at GSL Minerals. That is clear out west off of 12th street. If you didn't already know, we make the road salt for winter for those of us who get snow. We send it all over the country. We also make salt for water softeners and Sulfate of Potash...(fertalizers). I deal with trucker but mostly deal with the Rail Road shipping end of things. It has been fun so far except the monsteruos mosquitos!!! I swear I will end up with malaria or west nile.
Hailey had her candy bar fundraiser. She sold enough to do the money jump. Thanks to all who bought from her (mostly me)! She is learning her times tables and passed off her two's and is close to passing off the threes.
Bethany is now going to a sitter while we are at work. She loves it there. She practically jumps out of my arms to Miss Trish's. She is well taken care of. Her health has been good (other than dumb allergies).
Tyson is doing well also...(other than dumb allergies). He is really happy it is starting to cool off here. His favorite season is coming up.

So far we are all good.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Ok, so I don't put much on here but I am going to try to do is what happened in August.....

Hailey started up dance again after a summer break. She made the Mini Company which is the next Team higher than last year. Her team will participate in at least 4 competitions this spring and dance at least one Utah Jazz game in March.
On August 14th we went to Jareds birthday party then 2 days later we went to Sarah's birthday party! Big 3-0. Woo Hoo you are up there with me!
On August 19th we went to Bethany's cardiologist appointment. Dr. Arrington says she is looking and doing great and they are still planning on doing her surgery when she is 2-3 yrs old. They like that she is so active and gets around well....maybe a little too well! She ahs been crawling all over and has been trying to walk!
August 20th my wonderful husband Tyson turned 28! We got him aflag pole for the front yard. We went out to dinner with his family to Texas Roadhouse and yes he rode the saddle and we all said yee haw!
Hailey started the 3rd grade August 25th. Holy crap where did the time go? I remember her at Bethany's age. Hailey is getting so big. Her best friend Emily is in her class (yes I warned her teacher!) She is excited to learn her times tables. She loves math and science!
And last but definitely not least...
On August 31st Bethany was Blessed at Washington Heights Baptist Church. Family and very close friends were there to witness this Blessing and pray that God will always watch over her and keep her safe. Tyson's side is Irish so we got her a beautiful Irish blessing dress that had shamrocks embroidered on it. The slip also had shamrocks embroidered on it and said God Bless Bethany.

Ok, now you are all caught up...for now. I promise to do better!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

About Us

Tyson and I have been married since January 2007. We have two daughters....Hailey who is 8 yrs old and Bethany who is 6 months. Tyson is my FedEx man and I am lucky enough to stay home with our girls.


Hailey is in the 4th grade this year. I can't believe how big she is getting. She is really into science stuff. She loves anything about the universe and planets. She loves to experiment and figure things out. Hailey is a wonderful big sister. She loves helping out and taking care of her little sister. She can make her sister laugh more than anyone and is VERY protective. We are so proud of her.


Bethany just turned 2. She is a sassy little girl but I wouldnt have it any other way She is a tough girl. She loves her big sister so much. She loves to play with her and they have a lot of fun together. She is into Curious George and Super Why. She can count to 14 and say her ABC's. She eats EVERYTHING! You would never know this kid had to have heart surgery!